Optus has written to the CEPU notifying the Union that it is undertaking a review of the organisational structure of its Networks business unit.

The company says the review will examine the unit’s engineering, operations and support functions with a view to ensuring that it can best function to support the company’s core objectives.

It is interesting to note that first and foremost among the objectives cited is the goal of becoming Australia’s number one mobiles company. Optus’ business is of course heavily weighted towards mobiles but it has been losing ground to its competitors in this market in recent times.

Telstra’s rapid roll-out of its Next G mobile network left Optus with a lot of catching up to do.

And Vodafone’s recent purchase of the Crazy John chain will give the current No.3 mobile operator a retail outlet advantage over its rival for the No.2 spot in the mobiles market.

Add to this the Federal Government’s decision to cancel the Opel contract which would have subsidised the extension of Optus’ 3G network and it becomes clear that competitive pressures on the company are mounting.

It remains to be seen what impact these pressures and the current review have on Optus employees. The CEPU will, however, be monitoring the review’s progress. Optus members and other employees should contact the Union if they have concerns about its impact on their employment.

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