Contact the AEC today if you haven’t yet received your ballot material

The majority of members across the country should by now have received their ballot material to vote yes in the Telstra protected action ballot.

If you have not yet received your ballot material, you should contact the Australian Electoral Commission urgently to request replacement material. To do so, contact either Michelle Knight or Ashleigh Ratcliffe on (03) 9285 7171.

Remember, under the provisions of the Act, for our Telstra protected action ballot to be successful two important qualifiers must be met:

  1. At least 50% of eligible members must vote – regardless of how many “yes” votes are received, if at least 50% of eligible members do not return a vote, the ballot result is worthless.
  2. More than 50% of eligible members must vote YES – Of those members who return a vote, 50% plus one of those votes must be a YES vote.

Telstra’s unfair wage offer means your family’s ability to meet the ever-rising cost of living has diminished by over half a percent.

Andy Penn-ypincher’s pay offer isn’t a wage rise – it is a pay cut, in real terms.

VOTE YES TODAY and return your ballot immediately to tell Telstra YOU DESERVE BETTER.

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