Why you should join the CWU

We’re stronger together

Why you should join the CWU

  • Becoming a member helps you win better outcomes at work
  • You get protection by joining together with your workmates
  • You get a say on issues that affect you and your workplace
  • Fees are low and are tax deductible
  • Members can save an average of $3761 per year on groceries, petrol, dining, leisure, shopping and travel
  • Members receive free journey insurance – protecting their income in the case of injury whilst traveling to and from work, outside the workplace during a meal break, or traveling to an out-of-hours Union meeting
  • Your employer doesn’t have to know you are a member

Why Does Your Membership Matter?

Your fellow workers want you in the Union because your employer is much more likely to listen to you if they know the majority of the workers are members. Your contributions help fund campaigns that members participate in to get a better deal at work.

Without a clear majority of members, we can’t win the best outcomes for you and your workmates. Your membership really does make a difference.

What Do Unions Do For Me?

Unions are groups of workers who join together to protect their jobs and win fair wages and entitlements. Historically, our conditions have been won by workers acting together as a Union – they haven’t just been given to us by employers or governments.

Employers we cover have sought to reduce pay, entitlements and workplace rights over the last few years.

Only strong Union membership has safeguarded what we have won in the past and will help us to get a better deal in the future.

In the past, we have won:

  • Paid annual leave
  • Paid sick leave and carers leave
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Access to reasonable overtime and shift penalties
  • Rights for redeployment or paid redundancy
  • Benefits like meal allowances and uniforms
  • Health and Safety provisions
  • Workers compensation entitlements
  • Superannuation benefits
  • Rights to consultation and representation
  • Negotiating rights for subcontractors- Negotiating for subcontractors pay increases, merit payments and income protection. 

How Can Joining the CWU Help Me?

You and your workmates can get a fair deal at work through the collective strength of the Union.

To assist you at work, your CWU officials;

  • Help you and your workmates organise your workplace to have a say on issues affecting you
  • Provide professional training for your Union reps (AURs)
  • Support your workplace AURs to resolve local issues
  • Come to your workplace and assist members with individual disputes
  • Coordinate campaigns on major issues
  • Negotiate and organise to secure your EBAs and Awards
  • Advise you of your rights and entitlements
  • Ensure your employer abides by agreements and Awards
  • Represent collective and individual grievances at the Fair Work Commission and other relevant tribunals and courts
  • Help subcontractors get unpaid wages and entitlements
  • Represent you in disciplinary and unfair work performance matters
  • Represent you if you get sacked
  • Regularly communicate with you through our email bulletins, website and workplace circulars
  • Assist you with workers compensation claims