emergency ambulance transport

CWU members benefit from assistance with emergency ambulance transport costs.

This benefit is available to all financial members of the Union and their dependents, subject to the below terms and conditions.

This benefit is particularly useful for members who do not currently hold private health insurance – who charge around $50 a year for single and $80 a year for families.

Members should familiarise themselves with the the terms and conditions that apply to this benefit, below.


The CWU Central Branch shall, subject to these terms and conditions, assist with emergency transport benefits for all financial members and dependent members of their immediate family.

This emergency ambulance transport benefit is not an insurance cover or scheme, but a benefit that is funded by member contributions from within NSW,the ACT, QLD, SA and the NT.

The benefit is subject to one claim per calendar year and is capped at $600 for full rate members, $300 for half rate members and $150 for quarter rate members per claim, for assistance with emergency ambulance transport costs.

Benefits are for emergency transport

In the case of pre-existing conditions such as pregnancy, where ambulance transport is likely during birth, prior notice must be given to the Branch Secretary and approval must be obtained in writing.

If there is a disputed claim for ambulance costs, all the particulars must be set out in writing by the member and shall be considered and determined by the Branch Committee of Management.

Who does the benefit cover?

The benefit applies to members of the CWU Central Branch who have maintained a minimum of 12 months continuous financial membership (the member).

The member must be financial at the time the claim is made.

The benefit also applies to the member’s spouse or de facto partner, the member’s children who are under 18 years of age and student dependents under 25 years of age. Children must be single, primarily reliant on the member for support, living with the member and related as child, step-child, foster child or equivalent.

Circumstances where the benefit will not be payable

This benefit is not available in the following circumstances:

  1. When payment of the issuer’s invoice has already been made;
  2. Where responsibility for payment is ultimately transferred to a third party, such as the Motor Accidents Authority, any other statutory authority, or where a member has existing cover from an existing insurance or health fund that provides for reimbursement of ambulance costs;
  3. Where costs of emergency transport are payable or paid by a State or Commonwealth authority; or
  4. Eligible persons who are also holders of Government benefits who are already eligible for free ambulance transport in Australia.

How to make a claim

An application form can be obtained from the Branch Office and must be returned fully completed and accompanied by copy of an unpaid invoice for payment, issued by the relevant ambulance service.

Payments will be made by cheque and submitted directly to the invoice issuing authority.

Important: do not pay the invoice – a claim will not be approved if payment has already occurred.

These terms and conditions are determined by the Branch Committee of Management and are subject to change.

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