Since the introduction of Telstra’s new computerised pay system, My Activity, there has been some confusing interpretations of the payment of excess travelling time (ETT).

Clause 19 of the Telstra General Conditions of Employment Award 2001 secures your entitlement to ETT and in clause 19.3 it states “Payment will not be made for more than five hours in any one day.”

For members who may be required to drive for more than 5 hours to a temporary work area, the computerised pay system only recognises the exact entitlement of the Award and will not allow more than 5 hours of ETT to be claimed for each day.

The CEPU’s position is that if Telstra direct you to travel on a Sunday to begin work on Monday morning, then this direction is work related and should be paid at overtime rates.

These travel arrangements should be all negotiated and agreed to by your Manager before you leave to work in your temporary work area.

The options if the above is not agreed to is to only travel during paid time Telstra’s time; ie the Monday morning or to travel 5 hours ETT and then cease work into temporary accomodation on TA and complete your travel during the next day.

Again it should be stressed that all these arrangements are to be agreed to by management before you leave.

If any member is unable to negotiate and agree on local arrangements for temporary work areas, they should contact the CEPU state office for further assistance on (02) 9893 7822.

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