Rub your eyes – it’s true

Yesterday, Telstra decided it didn’t want to talk to the unions anymore about an enterprise agreement affecting up to 32,000 employees.A day later – after saying they would no longer talk – Telstra’s HR managers launched a website called “Now We’re Talking.”

Now, that is “irony”…

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more bizarre, Telstra prove that in their own minds what’s weird, can be normal – and they hope no-one will notice.

Is this what you get, when you fork out nearly $1m in pay to give HR advice to Telstra?

Or, is this the case, that with no-one else to talk to, these managers want to talk with anybody to fill in the hours that no longer will be filled with serious discussion about getting a deal done to secure wages and conditions?

Visit the site and tell them to stop playing games and to talk sensibly about the future of wages and conditions in Australia’s fourth largest company.

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