Telstra employee emails to be retained for 7 years

Telstra HR have advised the CEPU that as from 21 October 2008, Telstra will retain a copy of all emails sent and received via the Telstra internal email system.

Most employees are aware that their emails can be scrutinised now and should not be reassured by Telstra’s Workplace Surveillance policy.

The emails will be stored for 7 years and can be accessed following a court order or by the authorisation of the Director of Telstra Corporate Security and Investigations (or a delegate).

The CEPU advises all members to be vigilant when using the company’s email system and bearing in mind the ease of access Telstra will have to what may be personal and confidential conversations.

In addition, Telstra employees are generally reminded to take extreme care when using the company’s network altogether. The employer can see what you have been doing on the internet. This can be viewed by the network administrator who sees all traffic across Telstra’s internal network.

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