Unfair subbies fines: smiles for some frowns for more

Following intervention from the CEPU on behalf of subcontractors over the issuing of fines to subcontractors from BSA, the majority of BSA subcontractors have had there fines removed.

BSA have attempted to make an example out of a very limited amount of subcontractors and continue to apply the fines to them.

The CEPU is seeking the appropriate advice to represent these subcontractors further on the fines and to recover monies currently held on these subbies from BSA.

However, Service Stream subcontractors across 3 states who have written to Service Stream disputing the fines under the contract still have their fines hanging over their heads. Whilst service stream have taken a more sensable approach to this and to date have NOT deducted any funds from subcontractors’ pays as was done in BSA, leaving some subbies unable to meet their own financial commitments, Service Stream have yet to withdraw any fines. 

According to the dispute clause in the independent contracts, Service Stream have 10 days to meet and discuss the issues raised by subcontractors in an attempt to reach resolution.

Service Stream have until tomorrow to commence meetings with subcontractors. Subbies will need to progress the matter further under the dispute resolution process in their independent contracts should Service Stream fail to respond.

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