Australia Post’s Future Delivery Design Recruitment Strategy: Video Games, Toys and Showbags

Australia Post has been forced to take drastic steps in an attempt to recruit new Posties in the light of implementation of their Future Delivery Design.

At this year’s Sydney Careers Expo, targeted at school students in years 10 and 12 about to enter the workforce or begin their higher educations, Australia Post’s expo stall was somewhat disturbing, but unsurprising.

Australia Post certainly completed their research on how to attract school-aged kids with a ride-on motorbike video arcade game, coupled with show-bags and Post-branded “hacky sacks” as the centrepiece of attraction to their stall.

But, despite their tactics to attract these kids to their stall, judging from enquiries with a number of young prospective career-seekers, the CEPU believes they certainly did not succeed in attracting any kind of interest to their low-skilled, low-paid, part-time Future Delivery Design job structure.

Especially when the CEPU with handed out flyers to prospective job-seekers at the Expo explaining how Post’s famous 6:30 starter policy blatantly removes up to $105 per week for no other reason than starting work 30 minutes later than their colleagues.

“Under the Howard Government’s WorkChoices IR laws, it was proved on so many levels that our younger generation of workers were most vulnerable to being exploited in the workplace simply because of ignorance.

“I think it’s important that younger people considering a career with Post should be aware of tactics used by Post to lower the wages and erode the conditions of our Posties.” said a local Authorised Union Representative (AUR), when explaining why he had taken time out of his day to assist in exposing Post’s penalty rate sham to potential young workers.

Australia Post’s Future Delivery Design is nothing more than an extreme cost cutting agenda which employs blatant job splitting, job de-skilling and a strong focus on part time and casual employment.

Post’s dedicated delivery job structure and the infamous 6:30 start policy has certainly taken it’s toll on their attempts to fill the massive amounts of vacancies across the State with staff shortages in certain beginning to spiral out of control.

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