The CEPU Communications Divisional Office has had contact with Commander Management regarding the next round of pay offers.

Commander reported a net loss of $244.8 million in the half year to December 2007, reflecting asset write downs of $193 million. 

It has shed about a quarter of its staff this year and has sold off several of its business units as part of its efforts to trade out of its present situation. 

It’s in this environment that the CEPU has been involved in talks with the company.

As reported previously, Commander is seeking to renegotiate the Metropolitan Agreement when it expires in September this year. In the interim Commander are seeking to have the pay arrangements changed for technical employees from fortnightly to bimonthly to suit their pay system.

Employees will be paid on the 15th and 30th of each month.  

In return Commander are prepared to offer a 3% pay increase to all the Commander Techs on their payroll backdated to April on a without prejudice basis.

It should be noted that this pay increase is independent of negotiated EBA wage increases with the next pay increase not due until the new agreement was negotiated.

This is a good outcome for CEPU members who are working tirelessly to assist in seeing the company through these tough times.

Negotiations for this agreement will commence later this year.

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