EBA10 technical & engineering review process kicks-off

As part of the overall EBA10 package supported by the majority of Branches and members across the country, the Union secured a joint review of the technical / engineering occupational group.

During subsequent planning discussions between the Union and Australia Post, we have developed the following terms of reference to structure the joint review:

  • Review the current technical structures including the following roles;
    • Team Leader roles
    • 2IC roles
    • SME roles
    • Planner roles
  • PTO4 increment progression and barriers with Cert IV and Diploma qualifications
  • Staffing levels including trainees / apprentices
  • Rostering arrangements

The Union is seeking for disputes relating to the review to be managed internally, in the first instance, between National Secretary Greg Rayner, National President Shane Murphy and the relevant Australia Post Executive General Managers.

This important process commenced yesterday with local workplace AURs, National and Branch Officials representing the Union on the committee.

We’ll keep you informed as the review progresses and outcomes are reached.

In the meantime, should you require any further information, please contact National Assistant Secretary James Perkins on (02) 9893 7822.

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