Union opposes Australia Post’s plans to cut short career paths of retail employees

The CEPU recently received a letter from Australia Post management advising they intend to externally recruit some Postal Manager positions due to a high percentage of the workforce coming up to retirement age in the Retail areas.

The NSW CEPU Branch Committee of Management took a decision at its last meeting to oppose any such plan by Australia Post for the following reasons:

1. Such a plan limits already limited career progression opportunities for CEPU members;

2. Such a plan limits our members opportunity to earn additional income through promotions and temporarily acting higher duties;

3. Australia Post is already having problems retaining employees due to the lack of available full-time roles in the retail areas.

A meeting will soon take place with Australia Post in order to hopefully resolve the concerns of CEPU members who may have their career prospects affected by any such plan to externally recruit Postal Managers.

We encourage all CEPU members who have concerns or feedback about Australia Post’s plan to send your comments to feedback@cepu.org or contact your official at the Union office on (02) 9893 7822.

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